To create a unique carnival band experience for a younger demographic of revelers. DREAM’s objective is to embrace modern carnival culture whilst fusing historical elements of carnival culture.

About Dream!

DREAM Carnival is composed of a vibrant team of young professionals with a fervent desire to provide carnival cultural experiences for millennials. Headquartered in Toronto, the team aims to become a staple carnival band experience within the entertainment tourism industry in Canada for all those who love carnival, travel, and Caribbean culture. DREAM carnival has 20+ years of experience in costume production, Carnival concerts/events, and related entrepreneurial ventures. DREAM as a brand stands to become a highly competitive entity amongst other established carnival and event platforms in Toronto.


DREAM aims to provide a memorable carnival experience inclusive of the best selection of food, an unlimited supply of beverages, coupled with a standard of service, amenities and security secured by the DREAM Management Team.

DREAM also presents itself as an inclusive platform built around the annual carnival celebration. Leading up to Caribana, DREAM will curate and host a variety of unique cultural events. These include community marketplaces and  educational workshops to provide rich and immersive cultural experiences for our brand’s following as well as attract new faces to our community.

Brittany Dardaine

Band Leader
Brittany Dardaine